The power system is changing. Be part of it or pay the price

The UK power system is undergoing the most significant structural change in decades.

Renewables are disrupting wholesale power prices, coal is shutting down, fewer gas stations are being built and new nuclear is way behind schedule. All this combines to create the perfect storm, with UK power margins at historic lows.

Businesses are being moved to time-of-use tariffs and will pay more for their power at peak times. If you can adapt and change the way you use power, position your organisation to use one of the Demand-Side Response (DSR) programmes, you can not only avoid extortionate charges, but you could also generate income from your assets.

But this isn’t easy. There are multiple DSR schemes that conflict with each other, some of which very few users are even aware of. So knowing where to start – or ensuring your current DSR choices are the best for your organisation – is easier said than done.

You may not even think it’s for you. Think your equipment or processes aren’t suitable for DSR? Concerned about disruption and impact on business performance? Think again. No matter what size your operation or how little resource you think you have to utilise, the DSR Conference, taking place on Tuesday 6th September in central London, UK, will show you how to make the most of this opportunity.


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From DuOS / Triad Avoidance to the lesser known Critical Peak Pricing, the DSR Conference will take you through the process step-by-step, exploring the options for your organisation and showing you how you can turn a cost threat into a revenue generator.

National Grid, distribution networks, aggregators and energy suppliers are keen to sign up more demand-side response providers. All of them will be at Energyst Media’s free Demand-Side Response conference in September. Companies interested in turning cost into revenue should ensure they attend.

Attendance is FREE to organisations that wish to find out more about how they may participate in demand-side response, but places are strictly limited – so register today to guarantee your seat.