08:55 – 09:00

Opening remarks

Tim McManan-Smith, co-founder, Energyst Media

09:00 – 09:15

DSR market overview and outlook

Asheya Patten – Flexibility Workstream Lead, National Grid

09:15 – 09:30

Capacity market and smart strategy update

Simon Dawes, Energy Strategy Networks & Markets, BEIS

09:30 – 09:45

Impact of Triad/embedded benefit changes (Ofgem)

Louise van Rensburg, Senior Economist, Ofgem

09:45 – 10:25

DSR as part of energy strategy

Speakers & panelists: Kate Dapre, NHS Scotland; Sam Scuilli, Enernoc; Lewis Buxton, BIU; James Tiernan, Unite Students, Graeme Brownlie, Vodafone

10:25 – 11:05

How end users are unlocking value from DSR

Speakers & panelists: Maria Spyrou, Marks & Spencer; Louis Burford, Restore; Brion Lonn, EON; Ian Tanner, UK Power Reserve; Ian Harvey, Partner Logistics

Break 11:05 – 11:25

11:25 – 12:00

Higher value services (FFR)

Speakers & panelists: Andrew Heygate-Brown, Welsh Water; Mark Cavil, Engie; Yodaly Sierra-Rubio, CBRE; Lee Stokes, Mitie

12:00 – 12.35

Locational and local DSR (incl connections/capacity issues)

Speakers & panelists: Matthew Watson, Western Power Distribution; Sortiris Georgiopoulos UK Power Networks; Mark Thomas, G59 Services

12:35 – 13:10

Battery storage: Applications, risk and revenue streams

Speakers & panelists: Scott McGregor, redT, Eamonn Boland, Baringa Partners; Paul Lowbridge, National Grid

13:10 – 13:15

Closing remarks, followed by lunch and networking.

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