DSR Event

Unlock flexibility. Maximise returns

The DSR Event 2018

13th September, Banking Hall, London EC3V 3ND


The energy system is undergoing structural change, creating an unprecedented opportunity for businesses that can harness flexibility within their operations.

Energy suppliers, aggregators, distribution network operators and National Grid are vying to sign-up businesses that can contribute to grid balancing by shifting loads or switch to on-site generation.

There has never been such competition – or so many options – for businesses that can help balance the power system.

Energyst Media, along with sponsors National Grid, BIU, Engie, Enernoc, Eon, G59 Professional Services, Restore, UK Power Reserve and Total invite businesses to learn how to maximise revenue from flexibility at an event in London, which is free for end user delegates.

Last year’s event was oversubscribed.

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